Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The kid is a bit strange.

Lleyton's taste in food isn't that of your typical 3 year old. 

Case in point, last Sunday we were out doing some grocery shopping, which many times means stopping for a quick bite at Taco Bell, as that is one place both boys seem to like to eat (and it's cheap).  We wanted this day to be different because both boys had such a good day on Saturday, and the Butler Bulldogs were heading to the Final Four, so we drove the boys to Culver's to get a delightful cheeseburger and some ice cream. 

For those that don't know it, or haven't been, Culver's is delicious. 

So when we pulled up to the restaurant both boys were quite intrigued by the new place.  We told them what was on the menu and although Parker was quite excited, Lleyton was not.  He said the following:

"Cheeseburgers...yuck! I no want ice cream!"

Seriously, he said that.  I was flabbergasted.   What little boy declares that he doesn't like ice cream and cheeseburgers? 

For reference, this is what he doesn't like.

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  1. Mmmmm... CULVERS!!! I'm from WI where Culvers originated so we were all thrilled to have one so close now. And by the way, it's not ice cream, it's frozen custard, duh! ha ha!

    Okay, if he doesn't like the butter burgers or custard, has he tried the cheese curds? Who doesn't love fried cheese??? ;o)