Thursday, November 17, 2016

Our family is growing.

It never fails, anytime I spend looking back through this blog, whether it be reading old posts or looking through old pictures I say to myself, "I wish I never would've stopped."  This blog began as a way to document all we had going as we set out to form our family and served a very therapeutic outlet for me as well.  I documented the good, I documented the bad, I documented all that I could knowing I would want to look back one day to see how far we've come. 

In the last 3 years since I last posted, much has changed, but one thing has remained the same, Sara and I remain as dedicated to being the best parents we can be, and with that we decided this year and we weren't quite done at 4.

Our journey to adopt a 5th child has not been without its hurdles, but that has come as no surprise.  It's never easy.  Our journey will ultimately take us back to South Korea, that we know.  When we will go and who will be waiting for us when we get there we don't know just yet. 

For any that have followed along via Twitter (@mattritzmann) or Instagram (@mattritzmann) as we venture to add to our family, you know that we were on course to bring a stunningly beautiful little girl with special needs home that we lovingly referred to as Baby Sister.  What you likely don't know is that Sara and I came to the heartbreaking realization a couple of months ago, after many sleepless nights and difficult calls with our doctor and agency, that we were not the best family to attend to her needs.  That's a decision I would wish on no one.  We love her deeply still and it was that love for her that led us to our decision.  Thankfully, her profile is again being shared with other prospective adoptive families and we remain very confident that she will find the perfect family for her. 

With that, our adoption is back to the very familiar, yet uncomfortable place where we (not-so) patiently wait.