Monday, March 22, 2010

Parker's Question of the Day...this one made me think

As we go about our daily lives, which regularly includes stopping by the grocery store to pick up something for dinner, or running through a store to grab something that we think the boys would look good in, Sara and I try to use as many moments as we can to teach the boys how fortunate we are to be able to do the things we do each day.

One of those moments came this afternoon as Sara and Parker were out shopping for clothes, as each boy has grown quite a bit this year and Sara had received a 30% off coupon for The Gap and Old Navy, so there was no time like the present to go take advantage of some good sales.

While they were talking, Sara explained to Parker that there are many people in the world that are hungry and don’t have the money to stop by the grocery store to pick up something to fulfill their hunger.

Parker thought about that comment and looked to Sara and said, “Why they no go catch a fish and cook it?”

Sounds simple.  Sounds like a solution to a problem that almost certainly existed during his years in Ethiopia.

There is so much that I can learn and take from that comment.  Life hasn't always been easy for him.  With that being true,  I am always trying to learn from Parker through his experiences and try to become a better steward of the good fortune that I have.  It's sounds easy to do, but too often I find myself settling back into the comforts of the life that I lead and losing sight of how others live and how I could be making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

Having Parker and Lleyton in our lives has given Sara and I the unique opportunity to see how other people live throughout the world.  Having the good fortune to be able to see the things we have seen isn't something that I take lightly, it is something that I want to use moving forward. 
Thanks to Parker's comment, the task of trying to make a difference seems much more manageable.

Identify a common problem, formulate a simple solution.

Thanks big guy.  Keep the questions coming!

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