Saturday, March 6, 2010

Recap of a good day (minus the bloodshed)

On top of cleaning out the garage a bit, we put in a very full day today. It was the first day of really nice weather this year, so getting the boys outside was certainly a priority.

We started the day by swinging by the local barber shop for kids so that Lleyton could get his hair cut. We had been experimenting with letting his hair grow out, but that experiment couldn't go on for another day. Here's why...

Before haircut:

After haircut:

The haircut was certainly the right decision.

Next, we ran into Cincinnati to pick up some injera from our friend Endgada. It was a very interesting visit, as along with English, Endgada speaks the same language that Parker spoke in Ethiopia, but he was not interested at all in conversing with her in that language. He said to me, "I don't speak that anymore." I wish it wasn't the case, but Parker has probably lost most of the language he grew up speaking. That is something we can't avoid, as there just aren't many people around that speak that language, but we have and will continue to make it a point to keep the Ethiopian culture in Parker's life, and visits to see Endgada are a great way to do that. And it doesn't hurt that Ethiopian food is so delicious.

This afternoon was nonstop action, both good and bad. When Lleyton woke up from his nap, he was very excited about getting to ride in his Jeep. He has been asking us all winter when he gets to drive his Jeep. Sadly, his excitement only lasted about 100 feet before Parker accidentally drove the vehicle into a street sign causing Lleyton's poor little nose to smack the windshield, which induced some pretty significant bloodshed. Worry not, our little man is fine and after a quick bath he was cleaned up and ready to proceed with our day of fun.

Due to the tense moments immediately following the accident, I decided against snapping any shots of the scene, but just picture Tiger Woods' Escalade up against that tree he hit on that infamous night in late November, as it looked similar to that.

I was able to catch a shot of the happy duo just feet before the accident occured.

Please notice two things:

1. How excited Parker is to be behind the wheel.
2. How Parker has no idea where he is going, hence about 10 seconds after this was taken, the accident occured.

Parker's driving privileges have been suspended indefinitely.

After the cleanup we took the boys to a sporting goods store and bought them both baseball gloves. If day 1 is any indication of future baseball endeavours, we could have one major leaguer on our hands.

Step aside Roy Hobbs, there is a new Natural.

On the other hand, Parker's baseball talent is a little more raw. Today was his first day of learning the game, so we are hopeful that under the tutelage of an experienced baseball coach (not me), that talent will become a little more refined.

You can see from this photo, there is some talent there that is hopefully soon to be unearthed.

Aside from the bloodshed, today was a very good day. Nice weather helps with that, but it is also such a pleasure to watch Lleyton and Parker together. As Sara reminded me this evening, a little over two years ago we didn't have any children, and here we are today with two of the best boys in the world.

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