Thursday, March 4, 2010

Who named the States?

Parker and I were listening to the radio yesterday evening as we drove to a meeting in our neighborhood. Over the radio came a news report that peaked his interest. I don't remember exactly what the story was about, but the name New Jersey really intrigued Parker. He asked why there isn't a state called New Kentucky. It was a good question that I didn't have a good answer for.

He asked me who named each state. I told him that I wasn't sure and asked him who he thought named each state. His guesses were:

1. God
2. Barack Obama

I laughed out loud at the Obama guess. Who knows, by the end of his term in office, the President may have tried to rename a state or two. He did campaign on change.


  1. ha ha ha! I LOVE all his questions!

  2. Ha. Too cute. :-D I'm not positive, but I think New Jersey was named that way because it was a NEW Jersey, as opposed to the old Jersey islands off of England. Where as Kentucky is brand new. Just my thoughts. :-D