Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Class of 2012...Pre-K Style

Dozens of proud parents, grandparents, and siblings were in attendance last night as Lleyton and his fellow preschool friends graduated and set their sights on next falls arrival to the big show...Kindergarten.

The ceremony did not disappoint.  Lleyton and all of his little buddies were out in full force as they sang and danced while the cameras clicked and the video cameras rolled. 

Hats off to the the teachers for thinking out the spacing of the kids.  It was no accident that our little guy was on the end and his equally-as-crazy best friends were at least two less-crazy kids away.

Prior to seeing this picture I would have said that Sara and I were the proudest people in the room, but Lleyton looks his pride was at an all-time high after getting the much sought after diploma.

Look who was right there to congratulate his best little friend after the ceremony...

Speaking of his equally-as-crazy little friends...

Addy wasn't bashful about showing her support for her best friend as well, as she shrieked "Yay Lleyton!" from Pop's lap to everyone's delight.

Our happy crew.   Addy was certainly happy for her big brother, but this toothy smile could also be the result of enjoying an ice cold cupful of lemonade.