Saturday, March 6, 2010

Kids really are colorblind

This morning as I was cleaning up the garage a bit, I came across a very cute picture of Parker and Lleyton's cousin Tanner that was taken a few years back. I brought the picture into the house to show it to the boys, as they are both big fans of their cousin.

Since the picture was a bit dated, neither boy recognized Tanner, so I asked Parker who he thought the picture was of.

He said, "Is it me?".


  1. Can't believe this post brought a tear to my eye. What precious boys you have.

  2. That is the sweetest thing ever! I can see similar features (they must be related :p).

    I have been having a hard time lately and have been losing hope. I came across your blog and have been reading from the beginning. You, Sara, and your boys (and the new additions that I don't know about yet... shhhh I haven't gotten there yet) are so inspirational and have helped me see a really great side of this world that I have not seen and didn't know existed.

    Thank you all for everything you are, everything you've done, and everything you have yet to do.