Friday, March 19, 2010

Introducing Parker to baseball

Parker began his baseball career this evening, as he had his first practice.  Is he going to be the next Eric Davis or Bip Roberts?  That is yet to be determined, but I will say that he is much better at catching and throwing than he was 3 weeks ago.  The highlight of the practice came during a base running drill (by drill I mean having each kid run from home plate to first base). 

I will openly admit that I haven't spent much time teaching the young man about baseball and rules associated with said sport.  So everything was very new to him. 

During the drill, Parker sprinted down to first base, but he failed to step on the bag.  After he had turned around and was on his way back to home plate where the rest of his teammates were, one of the coaches called out for him to run back and touch the bag. 

So what does he do? 

Without hesitation, he turns and quickly runs back toward the bag before abruptly stopping just in front of the base as he proceeds to bend down and ever-so-gently touch the bag with his finger. 

How's that for listening and following instructions...

Parker had a great time at both soccer and baseball practice this week and he is very excited about suiting up again next week for another couple evenings of developing and honing his skills. 

Watch out world.

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