Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Let the games begin...

Parker had been very eagerly awaiting his first soccer practice, so much so that he had a little trouble sleeping the night before his practice. He called me into his room yesterday morning at about 4:15am to ask if he could get up and put on his soccer clothes yet (practice wasn't until 6:00pm).

Needless to say, by the time I picked him up from daycare yesterday to make our way over to practice, he was very excited, and Lleyton was almost as excited himself. 

And so it begins, our days of following our own routine and having the boys in bed by 8pm sharp and having our weekends clear for whatever we choose to do are behind us, as Parker will also start baseball practice this week as well, and he and Lleyton will both be putting their athletic skills on display each Saturday starting in a week or so. 

Note to self:  Alert our favorite Mexican restaurant not to worry, as we will have to find another night to enjoy their delicious food and drink.  Parker's baseball practices are on Friday evenings.   

These changes are by no means a bad thing.  In fact, we are hoping they are going to be very good for the boys.  Although I was dealt a bit of a surprise last night when Lleyton's soccer coach called to touch base with me and informed me that his team is made up of kids ranging in age from 3 to 6.  That is certainly not what I had envisioned, but nonetheless we will move forward and see how he likes playing soccer with the big boys (we are concerned it's not going to be as enjoyable for him as we were hoping).

So here goes nothing, Parker is now playing two sports, Lleyton one, all the while we are anxiously (not so patiently) waiting for any word on Baby Sister.  At least we will now have a couple of soccer games and a baseball game to distract us a bit from our constant thoughts about our little girl in Ethiopia.

Here are the boys last night.  While Parker was busy trying to get to know his teammates, Lleyton obviously spent plenty of time in the many mud puddles that could be found on or near the soccer field.  I guess this is what happens when Mom misses soccer practice b/c she is out of town for work.  Worry not, I did all of the boys' laundry myself.

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  1. Oh man, I was just about to email you to see if we could meet up at that exact Mexican restaurant too! Welcome to the crazy sports schedule. It's fun, but definitely fills up the calendar!

    So sorry you guys haven't heard anything about Baby Sister yet. We will continue to pray that you get the news you have been waiting to hear about her case!