Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sweet talking Santa Claus.

Sara came across this note in Parker's bag today after school...

For those of you at home who are not used to deciphering the writing of a first grader, allow me to help:

You are awesome Santa Clause
Baseball stuff
Toy gun
Cheetos bag
Basketball stuff
Nintendo DS

Parker undoubtedly wrote this because one of his teachers at daycare moonlights working as an elf at the North Pole, or at least that is what she has Parker believing.  He mentioned this morning that she was starting work this Friday evening so he wanted to write a note to Santa that she could personally deliver. 

The kid knows what he is doing.  Not only is he trying to be one of the first to get a letter to Santa, he also knew that rather than just list the things he would like to get for Christmas, maybe he should try to stroke Santa's ego a bit by telling him he is awesome.  Even Kris Kringle enjoys a little flattery every now and again.  Nice work son.

It's no secret how Parker has nearly doubled his body weight since coming home with us last summer...the boy loves food.  Hence a bag of Cheetos made his Christmas list. 

Since I know Santa pretty well, I like his chances when it comes to the baseball and basketball stuff.  No so much when it comes to a toy guy or a DS.  Cheetos bag?  I feel like one of those is likely to at least find its way into a stocking.

I'll be sure to report back once Lleyton makes it known what he might like to get for Christmas.  I am sure it will be just as entertaining. 

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