Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pumpkin picking fun.

Our travel this afternoon took us back to Tuttle's Orchard where we spent some more quality time with the Lopers.  Our little guys were very excited to get back to the orchard, as we really enjoyed our apple picking adventure a couple of weeks ago. 

It didn't take long for Lleyton to take off running through the seemingly endless fields of pumpkins in search of the perfect gourd.

His goal was to find a "huge, huge, giant pumpkin.  The biggest pumpkin in the world."  This wouldn't win any contest, but it was the one that caught his eye after a lengthy search.

He had quite a selection to choose from.

This boy never objects to having his picture taken.

Our future Gap model.

The unseasonably warm weather (not complaining) we had here today cut our time at the orchard a little shorter than we had expected, but not too short to try to capture a decent shot of our little ones enjoying hanging out together.

Lleyton thoroughly enjoyed his time on top of the tower of straw.  He could be heard from far and wide exclaiming, "I am king of the world!"

Last, but not least, how could I fail to share this gem of Sara with her straw chewin' country girl Addy.

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