Monday, October 11, 2010

He's growing up.

It is becoming more evident each day that Lleyton is growing up. 

Somethings about that we like, somethings we don't want to change. 

Perfect example:

Rather than calling calling us "mommy" and "daddy", he has begun to call us "mom" and "dad".

We aren't quite ready to let go of the mommy and daddy tag, so we have gone about inconspicuously urging him to continue calling us by our preferred monikers. 

Here is the transcript of a conversation that took place this evening while Lleyton and Sara were spending some quality time together while Addy and I were at Parker's soccer practice:

Lleyton:  Can I have more Goldfish Mom?
Sara:  Lleyton, Mommy really likes it when you call her Mommy.
Lleyton:  Ok, Sara.

I laugh out loud each time I imagine hearing that exchange.


  1. Too funny!! Looking forward to seeing you all soon.