Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mr. Mom: Possible preview of things to come.

I've knowingly kept our out of the house activities relatively simple to this point, knowing that I'm not quite sure how I would handle all three kids in a retail establishment or restaurant type of business.  That all may change this evening as I got the dreaded, yet not surprising notification that Addy is out of diapers at daycare.  That would be a pretty simple fix if we had an abundance at home, but I am not that lucky. 

Looks like a diaper buying trip is in our future.  This will be uncharted waters, but I can handle it. 

The kids have been listening.  Parker has been a big helper and Lleyton made it home with us after a visit to the park last night.  So we are rolling right along.

Can the string of good behavior and cooperation continue?

Is it socially acceptable to tether Lleyton to a shopping cart with a bungee cord while I navigate around the cavernous Sam's store?

Almost every time we enter a store or restaurant, or gas station for that matter, Lleyton begins dancing around like a fairy because he has to go to the bathroom so bad, which ultimately leads Park to also have to go and I get to escort them.  It's not a fun chore having to urge Parker to go as quickly as possible (he moves pretty slowly at times) while trying to keep Lleyton's little hands out of the urinal and his eyes to himself, but it's manageable.  Yet with Addy in the mix, I am fearful that if you were to venture into the men's restroom at the Sam's store on Houston Rd tonight you may find a scene similar to this...

If you can't tell, I love the movie Mr. Mom.  It was one of my favorite movies growing up and now I am living it. 


Quick update on yesterday evening.  The kids did great once again!

We met some friends at a park for a picnic after work.  Lleyton was very excited to get to hang with his friend Liya, and I think the feeling was mutual.


  1. ha ha ha ha ha! Good luck at Sam's!

  2. LOVE this post!

    Have you seen the newer version of Cheaper by the Dozen? That's what our house is like when Mama is away. Oh yes. My husband and Steve Martin have MUCH in common. :) When the movie first came out, some friends of ours went to it in the theater and said they were laughing hysterically throughout the movie, because they could so totally picture it as our family.

    Anyway, thanks much for commenting on my blog today. I just may email you about the banking issue.

    I look forward to reading more about your fun family.

    Hope your trip to the diaper store went well.

    Laurel :)