Sunday, October 24, 2010

A hayride for the ages.

Our fall festivities continued this weekend.  We met one of Lleyton's friends from daycare and his family at a farm near our house yesterday afternoon.  This farm has what many others you might visit during this time of year have, a small petting zoo, a corn maze, a small pumpkin patch, and a play area for the kids made out of hay bales. 

What sets this experience apart from others is the hayride. 

It's no ordinary ride, as it takes you deep into the farm where all of the cows reside. These cows are accustomed to having visitors and are not bashful about coming right up the their new friends and "politely" asking for an ear of corn or two. 

This one in particular seemed to have his eye on me (and I was thankful that I was on the other side of the trailer).

Here are a few other pictures from our enjoyable afternoon/evening.

Today's activity was making jack-o-lanterns.  What better way to spend a few minutes after yet another Bengals loss than by taking out my frustration on a couple unsuspecting pumpkins.

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