Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Police (not the law enforcement type)

Do you ever get a song stuck in your head?

I do. 

It's usually some Taylor Swift or Lady Antebellum ditty (I'm not afraid to admit it), but today is different.  I can't get Message in a Bottle by The Police out of my head.  You can picture it I am sure.  I have been walking around the house acting like I am Sting while I belt out the chorus...

I'll send an SOS to the world
I'll send an SOS to the world
I hope that someone gets my
I hope that someone gets my
I hope that someone gets my
Message in a bottle
Message in a bottle

There's a reason this is my song of choice for the day.

I told Sara early this evening that I was going to send an SOS to the International Adoption Clinic at the Children's Hospital.  The issues that Lleyton has are only intensifying and we are becoming increasingly bewildered with how to adequately help our little guy, while at the same time trying to effectively discipline him when he is continually acting out (which he is doing much more often as of late). 

I don't feel that I can accurately describe his behavior.  He seems to be on an emotional roller coaster.  At one minute he is the sweetest, most loving kid you could ever meet, the next second he crying uncontrollably, then he is smiling and laughing, then he could swing into a moment of extreme frustration or anger that leaves him uncomfortably tense and shaking. 

It's tough to describe, yet much tougher to deal with.  I find myself very frustrated with him and it's only when I make myself take a step back and realize that he is battling some issues that we need to help him cope with that I can move past my frustration and focus on helping him relax and calm down. 

We know he has sensory issues, that was diagnosed by the experts at the Children's Hospital, but there has to be something else...and that is what we need the IAC to help us find. 

We have reached out to the public school system for help with occupational therapy for his sensory issues, and we are hopefully moving towards getting him the help he needs in that area. 

Our experience with the IAC was positive during our fist visit there with Lleyton, but that was the first week after we brought him home.  Obviously since then, much has changed and our little guy is really beginning to struggle more and more, so it's time to head back there.  I am confident that the staff of experts there will be able to help. 

Wish us luck.  We are really concerned about little guy.

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  1. You gotta do the Connected Child online book study (the link is somewhere on my blog). I just reread it in preparation for the study and the tips and reasoning in there for dealing with these kinds of behaviors are just mind blowingly awesome. Just spot on for what our adopted kids need when their big feelings come out in their behaviors.

    Having 2 with sensory issues- I SOOOO feel ya. It is tough. But you guys are not alone. You are doing a great job. Just for your son to have you as his advocate is incredible. My best friend is an OT and she constantly tells me about how many parents refuse to admit that their child has issues. It is so hard for her to help them, when the moms and dads refuse to believe their child isn't "perfect".

    Keep doing what you are doing! Keep looking for answers! Keep dealing with the big feelings!

    Praying for your family on this tough journey! Hang in there and thanks for sharing your story!