Monday, October 11, 2010


Today was my first shot to experience what it is like to be a stay at home dad (SAHD). 

Bank holidays used to be days where I would tune up my golf game or get a project or two (or sometimes more) done around the house.  Times have changed, and that is fine by me.  Sara no longer works for a financial institution, so it looks like bank holidays may now be my chance to hang with the kids for the entire day. 

I had these visions of the kids sleeping in until 8, giving me some time to lay in bed and watch Fox and Friends or Mike and Mike in the Morning.  Then I envisioned the kids all getting along all day, cleaning up after themselves, having their "listening ears" on, and wrapping up our enjoyable day with ice cream in the park. 

Did it go exactly as planned?  No, but I must say it was an all around enjoyable day.

Our day started off quite well, Addy was happy, the boys were content, and all was well.

Our morning wrapped up with a trip into the city to visit Sara and grab a bite to eat for lunch. 

The kids were excited to see their mommy and to get to walk around downtown a bit.

Our visit with Sara included a trip up to her floor.  I am pretty sure the kids, especially Lleyton, as he put on quite the show, were the highlight of Sara's coworkers' days, but suffice to say Sara looked a bit mortified as our little man ran through her floor while being a "tad bit" too loud.  There were quite a few folks peaking around or over their cubes so they could witness what I like to call Hurricane Lleyton.

The kids LOVE Skyline. 

I LOVE that the kids love Skyline.

The trip downtown was certainly the highlight of the day.  We had a blast visiting with Sara.

The remainder of the day went well.  The kids showed me alot today.  There were no timeouts, there was no unnecessary crying, and I think they enjoyed themselves. 

I don't really remember my mom scrambling around the house at quarter past 5 to get the house picked up, or at least make it look a little less like a tornado hit, before my dad arrived home.  But that is what I was doing right before Sara arrived home from a tough day on the job.

I will be in bed early tonight.  It's not easy acting like a SAHD for a day. 

Tomorrow...back to my day job.

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