Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mr. Mom: Fritos and a false alarm

The kids and I wrapped up a very successful week with an enjoyable trip to Jump Zone this evening.  It was my way of rewarding the boys for being so well behaved throughout my tenure as Mr. Mom. 

A rookie mistake on my part nearly derailed the trip shortly after arriving at the inflatable filled fun house.  The boys were bouncing off of the walls with excitement and Addy and I were watching with amusement when I realized that I had no diapers in the diaper bag and Addy had most certainly had an accident.  I went through the a thought process that included considering how bad of a parent I would be if I ignored the fact that Addy needed her diaper changed because I didn't want the boys to be upset because we had to leave so shortly after we arrived.  Addy has really seemed to like me all week, which isn't always the case and I wasn't prepared to jeopardize that, so I decided that I would go ahead and tell the boys we had to leave, but first I checked to make sure my senses were correct and that she had, in fact, had an accident and needed a diaper change.  To my delight, it was a false alarm and my rookie mistake did not prematurely end our outing. 

The boys did what they do at Jump Zone, ran around from inflatable to inflatable, Lleyton usually going down the slides headfirst only to be greeted by myself and an employee telling him he couldn't do that and he has to go down on feet first.  

For those interested in what the boys ended up eating for dinner, tonight it was popcorn chicken and Fritos. 

Nutritious?  No, but the boys loved it, and they were nice enough share a couple of their chips with Addy, who also has quite an affinity for Chili Cheese Fritos.

The kids are now fast asleep.   I am not far behind.  It's been an enjoyable week.  The kids have showed me alot and we are all excited to see Sara tomorrow.  Park can't wait to tell her about his spelling test, and Lleyton can't wait to lay on her belly (it's one of his favorite things to do, he adores his mommy/mom/Sara).

All kids accounted for...check.
Laundry done...check.
Dishes washed...check.
House cleaned...check.

With that, my Mr. Mom responsibilitie have come to a conclusion. 
Thanks for following along. 

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