Friday, April 30, 2010

Heading south for a few days.

Tomorrow morning we are loading up the kids and heading south.  We aren't driving all the way to Florida, but we are driving to Lexington to hop onto a flight bound for Orlando. 

Tomorrow is the day we have been waiting for.  Parker is lying in bed right now having a hard time going to sleep because he is so excited.  Lleyton has been asking for weeks, "We go to Disney World today?"

After we arrive in Orlando tomorrow and get settled in and probably take a quick dip in the pirate ship themed pool (see below), we are going to meet up with the family that we traveled to Ethiopia with.  They adopted one of Parker's best friends.  It should be a very cool reunion, Park is as excited to see Derartu as he is to see Mickey Mouse. 

Sara and I are both totally new to the Disney experience, so we don't really know what we are in for, but we have a couple of books and some recommendations from friends on what to do.  Our plans include a day at the Magic Kingdom (of course), a day at the Animal Kingdom, and a birthday dinner for Sara on Monday night at T Rex, a dinosaur themed restaurant that the boys are sure to love. 

As I described it to a friend this afternoon via email, I think we are in for a very fun/interesting/exhausting/expensive trip.  Did I miss anything? 

I will have the camera in hand at every turn, so hopefully I can snap a few memorable shots. The one shot I hope not to get is Lleyton tackling Mickey, as he is pretty excited to meet the man/mouse he has grown to enjoy each morning before school. 

So our big day is just one sleep away.  Now if I can only remember to grab Lleyton's leash/harness before leaving the house. I would like for him to make it home with us on Tuesday, and the leash may be the only way of assuring that happens. 

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