Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ladies man and momma's boy

Many times as Sara and I sit back and reflect on our days after the boys have retired to bed we end up wondering what Lleyton is going to be like in future. 

The kid is nothing short of a ladies man and he is still about 7 months shy of his 4th birthday.

On the way out of daycare each day he waves at all of his girls, he stops to hug a select few (ranging in age from 2 to 22), he makes it a point to go into one of the younger girl's rooms so that he can say goodbye to her individually, and he isn't shy about giving out compliments such as "I like your hair."  The kid is a ridiculous.  We are going to have our hands full with him. 

It's like he already knows what the girls want to hear, and he doesn't hesitate to tell them. 

He may have many ladies wrapped around his finger, but one stands above the rest...his Mommy.  One perfect example happened yesterday evening while he was acting up a bit.  Lleyton sometimes doesn't have the best "listening ears" and last night might have been one of those nights.  He was doing something that Sara didn't think was appropriate so she continued to tell him to stop doing whatever he was doing.  After a couple instructions seemed to go in one ear and out the other, she moved in closer so that she could pick him up and make sure he understood what was expected of him.  Before she got to him he stopped in her tracks by saying, "Mommy, I'm sure happy you're my mommy."

How does he know to do that? 

Sara isn't usually that easy, but Lleyton has her right where he wants her. 

Although she more than willingly accepted his very sweet compliment, she also got her point across that he needs to turn those listening ears on and keep them on. 

This whole concept of having Sara wrapped around his finger didn't just happen recently, it seemed from the moment he met her he knew exactly how to sweet talk her, even when he couldn't talk.  Here are a few pictures of Gorsha (Lleyton's name before he became Lleyton) in the orphanage laying the groundwork from the very beginning.

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  1. That is adorable and really funny!! He is one smart little boy!