Saturday, April 17, 2010


Today was a day we had really been looking forward to for quite awhile.  A couple of months back Sara was listening to the radio while driving home and heard a local radio station advertising that they were giving away free tickets to Sesame Street's Elmo Live show.  Rarely does a promotion like that peak our interest, but this one did due to Lleyton's formerly undying love for Elmo (for a very long time Elmo was his #1, now he is probably #5 or #6, behind the likes of Tom, Jerry, Dora, Diego, Mickey).  So Lleyton and I took the radio station up on their offer and picked up two tickets to this evening's show, hence the Guys Night Out.  

Elmo and his crew did not let us down, they put on quite a show.  I won't lie and say we saw the entire performance, as Lleyton's attention span just isn't to that point yet, but we loved we did see.

While Lleyton and I took in the show, Parker and Sara had Date Night.  The night consisted of a nice dinner at Olive Garden, a quick trip through the mall, and then home to decorate cupcakes.  Of course, as is the case whenever Sara and Parker are out and about together without Lleyton and myself, Park was a perfect gentleman. 

He opened doors for Sara. 
He put his napkin in his lap. 
He said please and thank you. 
He was a perfect date (not surprisingly).

Here is the good looking couple.

Parker was very proud of his cupcake creations. 

Best friends.

How cool is this kid?


  1. I came upon your blog today and had to say that you have beautiful children -- dogs included! LOL

    I am an adoptive mom too, and am very jealous of you going to get your daughter (I have three boys!).

    Good luck and thank you for sharing,

  2. Um, I freaking LOVE Lleyton's pants. That is all. =)