Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First time for everything.

That is not a Mazda ad. 
That is our driveway. 

Yesterday evening Sara and I officially became the first couple in history to drive the same car.
I am not kidding, we both drive the same car. 

 Late last summer Sara traded her really cool SUV for the more family friendly Mazda 5.  Although the car doesn't look nearly a cool as her last car, we found it to be extremely practical and affordable.  A match made in heaven.  

We decided the other day that my car probably wasn't going to work after Baby Sister arrives home (that was confirmed by the car seat test we performed a couple of nights ago). 

So our options were the following:
SUV w/ 3rd row
Mazda 5
Chrysler Pacifica
Dodge Journey

Our criteria were practical, affordable, and relatively easy on gas.  Although unprecedented and unheard of, our decision was easy, Mazda 5's for everyone.

Be honest, have you ever known a couple to drive the same car?

I kind of like leading what could be a new trend for consumers everywhere.  So all of you out there that like your spouse's car more than yours but have been unable buy the same car, feel free to follow our lead (please).

Zoom Zoom.


  1. My sister and her husband both drove Ford Focuses (Foci?) for a few years. Don't worry about it! :)

  2. Nice mini-vans