Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Mixer truck just shoot me!"

Nothing excites Lleyton more than construction vehicles (except maybe firetrucks), which makes the house going up across the street a hot topic of conversation each day when the boys wake up and look out the window to see what is going on.  Usually in the morning Lleyton casually strolls into our bedroom to catch an episode of Handy Manny or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with Parker.

Today was different.

Lleyton has been eagerly awaiting the return of the cement mixer, so he was far from disappointed when he glanced out the window just in time to see the spinning drum of what he affectionately calls a Huge Mixer about to unload. 

Neighbors far and wide could probably hear him yelling, "MOMMY! DADDY! PARKER! MIXER TRUCK! MIXER TRUCK! COME SEE MIXER TRUCK!"

So of course we all ran as quickly as we could into his room, so as not to miss a minute of the action. 

He loved what he saw...until Sara said, "Lleyton, look at the cement coming down the schute."  With which he quickly responded, "Shoot?  It shoot me?  No shoot me!"

This is when he grabbed his chest and proceeded to fall to the ground saying, "Mixer truck just shoot me.  I die."  (Gotta love the things he picks up at daycare.)

After picking himself up off of the ground, he proceeded to yell out his window to the neighbor's dog, "Watch out doggie, mixer truck going to shoot you!   Mixer truck no shoot doggie!"

It was priceless (other than the "I die" part).

Construction has only been going on for about a week or two, so there is a long way to go.  Plenty of fun days of watching a house get built across the street.  Ten years ago (heck...3 years ago) I wouldn't have thought twice while driving past a house under construction, now it is one of the highlights of my day.  If we could only find someone to buy the lot next door to us and build a house. 

I will try to keep track of which construction vehicles the boys like best and report back.  My guess is there won't be anything they enjoy more than the Huge Mixer, but maybe I will be pleasantly surprised.

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