Sunday, April 4, 2010

Holidays are exhausting.

Happy Easter.  We hope everyone had a great day.

We had a full day of fun here at our house, so both boys are already fast asleep and I may not be too far behind. 

But before I retire for the evening, I want to share some pictures from our first, and hopefully only, Easter as a family of 4. 

The Easter Bunny wasn't messing around this year. 

Parker was clearly excited to see his basket.

Lleyton has yet another new best friend.

After rummaging through their baskets and grabbing some breakfast, the boys settled in to watch Parker's new movie, Alvin and the Chipmunks.

This afternoon was our first annual Ritzmann Family Easter Extravaganza, which was highlighted by the Easter Egg Hunt.  I am hoping the hiding spots will get a bit more difficult in the years to come.

Parker was awarded huge points for his sportsmanship. 

Not surprisingly, Lleyton lost a bit of focus towards the end of the extravaganza and opted to spend some time on the swing while Parker found the remainder of the eggs.  Smart move on Lleyton's part, knowing that we were going to divide the eggs evenly at the end, so why not let Park do all of the work while he enjoyed a leisurely head first swing.

Each egg had one of two things in it, chocolate or money.  Lleyton's couldn't have cared much less about the chocolate, he was it in for the money, or as he likes to call it, monies.  By the looks of this, he may be interested in following in Daddy and Pops footsteps and joining the cast of characters at UCB someday. 

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