Saturday, May 1, 2010

Parker and Derartu reunite

I am a bit too exhausted to fully recap our first day of vacation, so I am going to make it brief.

Rather than highlight all of the events of the day, I am going to instead recap the things we learned today:

  • Lleyton is a consummate showman.  Not a split second after our plane left the ground this morning, when everyone else on the plane was quiet, Lleyton yelled "Yeehaw!"  It was hilarious.  I drew quite a few laughs from folks sitting around us.
  • The car rental business seems dirty to me.  I do not recommend Payless Car Rental.
  • Lleyton needs a leash.  We have seen a number of other kids today wearing a harness, but Lleyton is the only one dragging his parents behind him like a 100 lb. dog would.  And here is trying to take a quick dip in Lake Buena Vista.

  • Orlando is a cool city.  We haven't seen too much of it, but what we have seen, we like.
  • Lake Buena Vista Resort Village and Spa is first class.  Our condo is very nice, and very affordable (just don't plan on getting many real bargains in the convenience store on site).
  • Downtown Disney is a great place.  We met our good friends, the Berrios family, there this evening and had a great time.  It was so  nice to see them again.  They adopted one of Parker's best friends from Ethiopia at the same time we adopted Parker.  Here are a couple pics I love.

  • The boys love Ghirarelli ice cream (who wouldn't).  Lleyton even found a spot to sit down in the midst of many other fans to focus on the vanilla ice cream with sprinkles.

Tomorrow morning we are heading to the Animal Kingdom.  It should be a great time.


  1. I can just hear Lleyton, ha ha ha!

    Love all the pictures. I bet Parker was so excited! Beautiful Children!!!!!

    We used Payless too, don't you love how you HAVE to get the insurance, rip off!!!

    Have a blast at animal kingdom.

  2. Wow! Excellent use of a leash!