Sunday, April 11, 2010


As previously reported, Parker's license to drive was suspended following the unfortunate accident that resulted in a bloody nose for Lleyton a few weeks ago.  Thanks to Grandma Susie and Grandpa Don's presence this weekend, and some beautiful weather, Park had the chance to have his license reinstated. 

I wasn't ready to allow him to drive again without going through some sort of Drivers Education class, so Saturday afternoon, with the the help of Don and his uncanny ability to whistle, we staged such a class.

The class was held in the backyard.  The task was to navigate the course without crashing into the fence, the swingset, or anything else, all while listening intently for Don's whistle, which meant to stop immediately. 

We started off with the Jeep in low gear, which equates to going a little faster than a crawl, but we quickly kicked it into high gear to see how he would handle it.  I am happy to report that Parker passed with flying colors.  He hit nothing.  Lleyton came away unscathed and, not surprisingly, I have pictures to prove it.

Take note how focused Park was during the class.  He was very intent on getting his license back. 

He even took some time to teach Lleyton how to properly drive.

Thanks to Grandpa Don (more affectionately known as Papa Don) for helping make the Drivers Ed class a huge success, if only I could learn to whistle as well as he does.

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