Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Update to the "Baby Sister Update"

To our disappointment, there is no update to give. Due to time constraints while in Ethiopia, our agency director was unable to visit with Baby Sister during her most recent trip.

We are attempting to set up a conference call with the director and her contact in Ethiopia so that we can get up to speed on what is or isn't happening in our case. I hope that conversation can happen very soon.

We were able to see a couple new pictures of Baby Sister on the internet this week, as we found her in a slideshow from a going away party for a few of the kids at her orphanage that were being adopted. She and all of her other little friends were hanging on a couch wearing party hats. They were great pictures.

We are hopeful that something good will happen soon and our case will move forward.


  1. So sorry to hear this. I think it is great news that there are other kids being adopted from this orphanage, I thought Baby Sister was the first. I hope the conference call goes well and you hear the news you've been waiting for!

  2. Hang in there! I know the wait is HARD, but you will make it through!
    I'll pray for God's patience as you wait.