Monday, February 15, 2010

Nice work, weathermen

Weathermen tend to catch quite a bit of heat whenever they fail to properly forecast the weather, but they're not catching much of that today. They didn't miss this one, as we have been pummeled by snow for almost 24 hours. The experts are saying we have received about 7" of snow today, with another couple inches by the time it is said and done. That snow is sitting on top of the snow that was already on the ground from last weeks snow storm. Using my unscientific approach to calculating snowfall, we have about 14" on the ground right now. That is alot.

This winter has been unseasonably cold. Over the past five years, we have had about two significant snowfalls each winter. We have surpassed that in the last week. With all of this snowfall, Parker's snow days are adding up, as school has been cancelled again tomorrow. At this rate, we may be lucky to have him out of school before our family vacation to South Carolina in July.

Daycare closed today at 1pm, so after picking up the boys we hit up Blockbuster for a couple kids movies and then we quickly stopped by Kroger to get the makings for Sara's soon-to-be-famous banana bread. Obviously yesterday maiden voyage of the bread went well, so we decided to make it again today. Here is Lleyton acting like a superhero whose signature move is smashing bananas.

For those of you wondering if we were able to complete the crown molding in Baby Sister's room, we were. The weather made it too difficult for Sara to drive into work this morning, so in between writing or responding to emails, or writing training manuals, Sara was able to help me complete the project. The assistance from Sara allowed my dad to not have to make the drive over here through the treacherous conditions. Now Sara just has to put her finishing touches on the molding and that project will be behind us.

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  1. Oooh! Can't wait to see the pics of baby sister's room! We need to get moving, we haven't done a thing yet! WE GOT OUR REFERRAL yesterday!!! She's about 19 months old and we are in love!!!