Thursday, February 11, 2010

Harnessing my feelings for creams, lotions, and sprays

My dislike for lotions and lotion-like products is unending, but I have now been forced to harness my antipathy for such products as Parker's hair is in need of some attention. As his hair continues to grow, the need to find a product to help care for it has grown as well. Parker likes his hair long. He will tell you that he wants to have hair longer than his mother's. That won't happen, but we also like his hair longer, so we have set out on a mission to find a product(s) that works well and doesn't break the bank (take a look around, some of these products can be very expensive).

Our search led us to a couple of products that I used on his hair this morning for the first time. The difference between his hair before product and after product is impressive.



I don't have alot of experience working with styling products for hair. As a matter of fact, as I was getting my haircut the other day, the girl cutting it asked how long I spend each morning fixing my hair and I told her less than 5 seconds. So this is all new to me, but I better start getting used to it, because if you think Parker has alot of hair, wait until you see Baby Sister.

For those interested in the products we chose to work with, here they are.

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  1. I'm finding that haircare is a true art!! We use Carol's Daughter products for Ellie's hair, which are expensive, but I use 1/2 as much as other products, so they are about the same in the end. The HEalthy Hair butter is FANTASTIC if you find that Parker's hair is dry at times. Glad you are finding things that work well for you all~ There's always something to learn, isn't there?