Sunday, February 14, 2010

Helping Grandpa hang a chandelier

We are slowly but surely putting some finishing touches on Baby Sister's room. Yesterday, Sara's dad helped us install her chandelier. Lleyton was very eager to help, so before we knew it he had climbed the ladder and was all but hanging from the fixture.

I can now add electrician to the list of possible career paths for Lleyton, joining jockey, carpet cleaner, maid, and acrobat.

Tomorrow, my dad and I are going to take on the crown molding project. After that, the difficult projects should be almost behind us and we will begin our search for a few odds and ends to finish off her new room.

One of the ways we have been passing the time during this delay is by decorating and putting together her room. So maybe fate will intervene and when we are finished with her room her paperwork will come about and we can get this process moving. I have been hoping that for over four months now, so one of these days it has to happen, right?

One thing I do know is that once the process gets moving and we go over and pick her up, upon arriving home, she will a room fit for a queen.

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