Thursday, February 18, 2010

Therapeutic trampoline sounds like an oxymoron

One thing that Lleyton's therapist uses to help Lleyton burn off a little energy during our sessions with her, so that he can better concentrate on the task at hand, is a mini-trampoline. When he is having a hard time listening, or can't follow instructions very well, she has him jump 10 times on the trampoline and then try the task again. It seems to work fairly well, so we invested in a mini-trampoline of our own. He got to use it for the first time tonight, and he loved it (we knew he would).

We have read other websites and blogs about families whose children are dealing with Sensory Processing Disorder, and it seems that the trampoline is a popular tool. Another technique that we were recommended to try is giving him a full body rub before he lays down for bed. He affectionately calls it doing his exercises. So each night now, he looks forward to laying on the floor on his pillow while I give him a firm arm, leg, chest, back, and foot massage. It is fun just watching him settle down a bit and relax.

We are only through two therapy sessions, but at least we have now laid out for the therapist what our goals are during our time spent with her. We have yet to notice a difference in his behavior, but we didn't expect to this at this point. It will take time.

Time is one thing we have right now, so we will continue to diligently work with him, all the while trying to make it fun for him, so that he wants to work with us.

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