Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy for Baby Sister

Our adoption agency holds a chat each Thursday night that I try to jump on and see what is happening. I am usually the only male in the group of chatters, but that is alright, I am comfortable with that. I was very pleased tonight to see that our agency director was on the chat, as she was in the comforts for the Sheraton Addis which has a very reliable internet connection.

The best news of the night was that she will be going to see Baby Sister today and will be delivering the care package that Sara worked so hard on months back. Even if Baby Sister doesn't end up joining our family, we are thrilled she will have everything that we put together for her, and she will hopefully be comforted by the pictures we sent.

Sara took the time to laminate an 8"x10" picture and put a ribbon through the top of it so that it can hang from her crib, so after five months of Lleyton sharing his bed with a picture of Baby Sister, she will finally be able to do the same. That is a truly great feeling.

As I have written countless times on this blog, we love this little girl to no end and want nothing more than for her to come home with us, so knowing that she will be introduced to us within the next few hours is awesome.

Who knows? Maybe luck, fate, and fortune will be on our side tomorrow and the news we have been dreaming about will become a reality.


  1. Oh, soooooo hoping you get that good news!!!! I didn't see you on chat. That gets a little crazy on here!

    I am going to get a care package together for Eva, so I will have to get tips on what to pack. I'm impressed everything fit into that ziplock! ;o)

  2. I've been praying for you and for your sweet girl so much. I'm praying that God will intervene and allow you to bring her home to you very soon!

  3. Hi.
    (Aimee from EAFS here) I just stumbled upon your blog and realized who you were. I so hope that good news comes very soon. I am glad she will have some special things all her own. A friend of mine is traveling next week and I told her to give one special little girl at Miskaye some extra hugs and kisses.

  4. I will be thinking about you and praying that you get your much awaited good news tomorrow. Thank you for posting updates! :)
    ~Sara W