Saturday, September 10, 2011


Our little man is hanging in there.  Most of time he doesn't seem to mind the casts too much, but as of late he has been really wanting them off.  I just walked downstairs from his room after listening to him lobby for me to take them off right now.  I wish I could.

It's tough to see him struggle.

He did spend some time outside this afternoon demonstrating that although his foot speed isn't quite where it is sans casts, his hand/eye coordination hasn't suffered since getting his moon boots. 

This is one of the two faces we see when he is complaining about wanting the casts off.  This is actually the better of the two, as the other one involves a similarly pathetic looking face but it is also accompanied by plenty of free flowing tears.

The good news for Lleyton is that we do get to take his casts off on Monday night and get him in the shower, but he will only be without his very fashionable leg decorations for about 16 hours, as it's back to the therapist's office on Tuesday afternoon.

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  1. I feel that Lleyton should hang out with my buddy Aaron! He has been casted on both feet, and now because of his joint condition they're moving onto his arms. If lleyton wants to see pics of another cutie pie in casts, Aaron's your boy!