Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cousins, bowling, and a future nightmare.

Just prior to our little man coming down sick (... and thanks to all who have inquired about him, he is doing much better now) we were in Indianapolis to celebrate the birthday of two of his best friends, cousins Nick and Drew. 

As you can probably tell from the pictures, I call him "little man" for a reason.  His cousins, who beat him to the age of 5 by a mere couple of months, tower over our slightly built fella.

The twins' party was at a cool venue in Carmel that offered plenty for the little partiers to do to keep them occupied.  One of the events was bowling.  Here is Lleyton demonstrating to his sister/biggest fan how one should not bowl.  Sorry to Snapperz management, our little guy gets carried away sometimes...this being one of those times.  We are working with him on rolling the bowling ball, rather than attempting to shot put it all the way down the lane.

One great thing about having little ones with strong imaginations is that when you go to an arcade you don't have to spend any money.  They just jump on the games and pretend they are playing.  Hopefully this picture is them just pretending to want to ride a motorcycle together.  I haven't yet had a nightmare about this picture, but I know it's coming.  These two are going to be out of control when they get older.  What am I talking about...they are borderline out of control right now.

Maybe out of control.
Definitely ridiculously cute.

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