Monday, September 5, 2011

Catch 'em while you can.

Take your last look at our little man's lower legs for awhile. 

Tomorrow afternoon Lleyton will be visiting his physical therapist at the Children's Hospital to get casts on each of his legs.  Thanks to his sensory issues that have caused him to walk solely on this toes he will be starting a month long friendship with serial casting.  The casts will be changed once per week, increasing his range of motion with each new cast.  Following that month, you will see our guy wearing leg braces for up to a year.  Should be interesting.  We have been trying to convince him that casts are cool, but as of late he isn't buying it. 

With a difficult month ahead of him we set out today to do whatever he wanted.  Aside from the brief pit stop at buybuy Baby I think we succeeded.  This morning we were up and at 'em early as usual.  Knowing that our little man had lost some weight during his illness over the last week we were quick to jump in the van and hit up Dunkin Donuts.  Later in the morning we took off to do some bouncing.  We hadn't been to this particular bounce house, but it didn't disappoint.  The kids has a great time.

This this afternoon he decided he wanted to play some indoor golf.  His wish was our command.

The next pictures of our little guy you will see will be with a Spiderman decoration below each knee...hopefully he's smiling.

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