Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Our little guy was a champ today at his appointment.  I am not sure the therapists had ever had such an easy patient. 

He just laid there and honed his Angry Bird skills during the hour or so that it took for his legs to be transformed from tiny sticks to dangerous weapons that will undoubtedly help him catch bad guys.

The happiest little guy ever after just getting casts on each leg...


  1. What a trooper! I'm close, let me know if you guys need anything during what could be a rough month :) (I'll pray it's not rough at all, for starters!)

  2. Ok, I can't figure out how to change my profile to add a picture of Spiderman....but Roman wants Lleyton to know that Red & Black legs are cool! He also thinks that Lleyton still lives at the Orchard/Pumpkin patch!

  3. Those look like some dangerous weapons!

    I'm glad it went well.

    Colin has been walking on his toes a lot, with his toes curled *under* so he's walking on the top sides of his toes. I don't know how he manages that. It looks painful!