Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lordy, Lordy, Look Who's 2!

Today was the day Addy had been waiting for, her 2nd birthday.   What a difference a year makes.  Suffice to say that she had a tad bit sweeter disposition today than she had 365 days ago...

Her brothers were more than willing to shower their little sis with attention all day long, and she didn't mind that one bit.  She kind of likes the spotlight.

(Please forgive Parker for the UK basketball shirt below, he must have either got dressed in the dark or meant to grab the IU or Butler shirt and inadvertently picked the Kentucky blue one instead)

Sara came up huge yet again and created not only this very fine looking ice cream cake, but since our two little one's taste buds are a bit fickle at times, she also whipped together a batch of unbelievably decadent and pleasing to the eye cupcakes.  Would you believe that Lleyton chose not to eat either option?  Kid is weird.

The Addster certainly didn't mind wearing her princess party hat during this evening's festivities.

Nor did she mind opening up her presents.

Our little lady got a number of presents, but it wasn't too difficult to tell which one ranked the highest on her list.  I think the boys would vote for this being their favorite present as well, as they are hoping that she will turn to bossing her new babies around instead of bossing them around.   They can dream.

In honor of her big day, allow me to share a little known fact about our not-so-little girl...

She enjoys reading books while sitting in the refrigerator with nothing on but a diaper on. 

She really does.


  1. Precious!!! Happy Birthday Addy, looks like a fun day!!!

  2. Your daughter is wonderful. But why the white dolls? Can't you buy black dolls in your town?