Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Picking up the pieces.

At first glance, this picture our boys teaming up to take on Club Penguin online is rather benign.

That is until you notice the tiny hand in the background.  That's our little princess' hand.  Prior to me snapping this photo because I thought the young fellas looked cute working on the computer together, Addy was right there with them.  She was cheering them on, eager to be a part of the action.  It was that eagerness that led our little man to kindly ask his shadow to back off. 

Well, back off she did.

While Sara and I were busy trying to put something decent on the table for dinner, Addy obviously found her way to our other computer and decided to dismantle it.  If they weren't going let her play with them, she was determined to make sure that they weren't going to play on the other computer. 

Succeed she did, but little did she know that the boys rarely play on that computer. 

If you need me I will be busy trying to locate any of the keys that she may have chucked across the room after I realized what she was doing and tried to corral her.


  1. Hi!

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    After Marke got the casts off he took his cast home because he was so proud of the many autogrammes from his friends and classmates.

    Since Marek had his casts off, he must wear Afos on both feet. First we found no shoes which enjoy him. During searching the internet I found the hompage of Keepingpace. This company make orthopedic footwear especially for kids. Marek has shoes with velcro strips. Marek loves his shoes because they look as normal sport-shoes and not as orthopedic shoes.

    We look forward what colour Lleyton will pick up for his next set of casts and which motive he will pick up for his afos.

  2. What a trooper Lleyton is, can't imagine how hard it is for him. Looks like Addy is a girl that keeps you on your toys, ha!!