Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Speaking of senses...

Parker's sense of taste is really unlike anyone else's that I know. The kid's love for spicy food is legendary. 

One perfect example: Most people dress up their spaghetti with some Parmesan cheese and marinara, or maybe a little butter. 

Not our Parker. 

What did he want chopped up on his pasta? 


Lucky for him there is a farmer's market outside of my office once a week and I spotted what looked like some delicious (if you like that sort of thing) jalapenos that I knew he would love.  I just didn't realize he would want to put them on whatever we were having for dinner that night.

After spending a lot of quality time in Ethiopia and falling love with their food, it should have come as no surprise to me that Parker tastes bud perform as they do.  A staple in many Ethiopian dishes is a mixture of delicious, albeit quite hot, spices called berbere.  Parker's favorite food of all, doro wot, is chock full of this very unique tasting spice.  So after spending as many years as he did growing up in Ethiopia, his taste buds were trained well to handle whatever spicy food is thrown their way.

Look out Adam Richman, this little guy could be the next star of Man vs. Food.


  1. Most of my friends here in Columbus with gardens will grow jalepenos each year. I don't know if y'all do any gardening at your place, but I hear they are easy to maintain. I think you might even be able to grow them in a pot.