Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lleyton's newest pet?

While Parker looks thrilled to be getting his picture standing next to the steer that I just purchased on behalf of the bank I work for, Lleyton on the other hand seems to be racking his brain trying to figure out how we are going to get this cow in the van for the ride home.  Sadly for our little guy, the bovine wasn't able to make it home with us, as I am pretty certain there is some kind of by-law in our neighborhood prohibiting livestock from living in folks backyards. 


  1. Hilaroius!! I'll have to show Collin this post, he was just asking for a horse today & said that we could just tie around back of our house on our fence.

  2. Very funny! I love what you see in these pics of your kids, because you know how their brains work! It DOES look like he's scheming that one out :)

  3. And why exactly did you buy a steer for the bank?