Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sensory Seeking Sunday

As is the case with most Sundays, Lleyton started off the day struggling.  It was one of those times where we could tell he was sensory seeking.  He was literally bouncing off walls, hitting himself with a racket, running through the house sliding like he was stealing 2nd base.  We tried the trick where we have him drag something heavy through the house.  That didn't work.  We tried to settle him down by putting a show he likes.  He wasn't having it.  So Sara came up with the idea of blowing the bounce house up inside.  It was wet outside after the overnight storms, so outside wasn't and option, and low and behold the kids' playroom is the perfect size for a little sensory seeking fun...

Since Parker was away for the majority of the weekend with Grammy and Pop, it was just Addy and Lleyton in the bounce house.  Max would have like to join the fray, but we didn't allow that.  The kids jumped around for for quite awhile burning off some steam in a fairly contained environment. 

Once the novelty of the home made Jump Zone wore off (more accurately, once my nerves couldn't take the constant worry that one of them was going to get hurt) we moved onto the next hands on activity of the day.  Sara's favorite blogger clued her in the other day on a way to make some very cool cupcakes, and knowing how much the kids love helping around the kitchen, it seemed to be the perfect project.

These aren't kids that just like to act like they are helping, they won't accept no for an answer when it comes to getting in and getting their hands dirty. 

Lleyton mixing the batter.

Who amongst us doesn't love taking care of the left over batter?

The beauty of our little ones is that they don't just do the fun work, they were both pretty excited about taking on the dirty dishes as well.

Once all of the dishes were done, it was time to take on the "cupcakes".

The finished products!

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  1. Fun day!!! I love that blog too and we are going to have to try those cupcakes out! We've made them in the cupcake pans but never in the glasses, so cool!