Monday, August 22, 2011

Smart, Brave, and Tough

Today was a HUGE day in our world.  This afternoon Lleyton walked through the doors of his big boy school for the first time as he entered Pre-School. 

Our little guy is growing up. 

Very shortly after Lleyton was diagnosed with FASD, Sara and I sprung into action doing everything in our power to get our little man enrolled in the developmental preschool offered at the same elementary school where he will attend Kindergarten.  The application and enrollment process was a lengthy one, but we are thrilled that it worked out.

He has been quite excited ever since we told him that he was going to be starting school, and that excitement only grew as today grew closer.  According to him, he was most looking forward to teaching his classmates how to stomp, and trust me when I say he can stomp very well (and loud) in his fancy new back-to-school shoes.  At this point his class only consists of him and one other little boy.  Considering there is one teacher and two aids in the room with them I think he is likely to learn quite a bit (can't beat a 1.5:1 teacher to student ratio).

As I was driving the kids to school this morning we were talking about Lleyton's first day and how exciting it was going to be for Lleyton and Parker to be in the same school.  I asked the little guy if he was looking forward to school and meeting his new teacher and friend and he quickly responded in his most confident voice...

"Daddy, I'm going to be smart, brave, and tough."

That says it all.  Our little guy is growing before our eyes and I would be lying if I said it didn't make me the least bit sad. 

I'm not quite ready yet for him to grow up.

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