Monday, August 29, 2011

BROTHERLY LOVE: In sickness and In health

Starting Saturday night and lasting through today, Lleyton has been under the weather.  Under the weather to the point where we ended up at the Children's Hospital with him this morning (hence the nice looking gown in the picture above).

The little fella has been pretty miserable.

At one point yesterday morning, as Parker and Addy looked on, our little man threw up on the couch.  Obviously concerned about how his illness was affecting his older brother, he turned to Parker and in his most pathetic little voice said, "Parker...Do you still love me?"

I couldn't make this stuff up. 

I love these kids...especially when they say things that make me laugh.


  1. Poor Lleyton! Hope he's back to his spunky self in no time!

  2. Is he doing any better? Lola had some nasty stomach bug for about five days last week, but (thankfully) it didn't get too bad.

  3. so sorry to hear this. hope he's feeling better very soon!

  4. Awe, poor buddy. Hope he's feeling better, it can be so scary when they are sick!