Saturday, August 13, 2011

Misery loves company.

For some unknown reason I want my boys to love the Bengals like I do.  Sara doesn't understand it, and most of the time I don't understand it either.  Is it because I would hate for the boys root for another team and then the Bengals become perennial winners?  Probably not, since that doesn't look like it is going to happen in my lifetime.  Subconsciously, it's probably because I want someone to suffer with after each subsequent loss.  Sounds like some sort of abuse to me. 

But hey, I can't help it if they love the Bengals.  Last night was the Bengals first preseason game and the boys were eager to put on their gear, so excited to be wearing the Bengals gear that they even chose to sleep in it. 

If you have another team that maybe I can introduce the boys to, let me know.  I can only imagine how easy it would be for them to jump ship at this young age and root for a good organization.  Colts? Patriots?  Dare I say Steelers?  (That pains me to write.)

One day they will most likely make the decision that they would look better in something other than stripes, but until then I think they look pretty handsome, and might I say comfortable, in the orange and black.

Who Dey!

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  1. Any chance you have more Superman shirts? I would LOVE one in either red or blue in a 4 or 5. We LOVE ours but our guy is growing out of it. Let me know...