Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Not-So-Scary Mongolian Spot

Not surprisingly, Sara and I hang on every word of the updates we receive regarding our favorite little Korean fella. The updates come every couple of months with the most recent one being shortly after his first birthday. By all accounts our little guy is doing very well. He is walking, saying “momma”, enjoying his porridge and cooked rice, sleeping well, and Addy’s favorite part…displaying frequent tantrum behaviors. We may have to soundproof our walls so as not to concern the neighbors if his tantrums come anywhere near the decibel levels of our little princess’.

One thing we have been anxiously awaiting is pictures of our little guy from his birthday celebration. We were told they were supposed to have come with his last update, but they did not show up. So this past Friday I called our agency and asked our case worker ever-so-nicely if she had any idea when the pictures may arrive. To my delight, she said she had received them the day before BUT she wasn’t comfortable sending them to us. I didn’t wreck my car when she said that but I probably didn’t stay between the lines. I couldn’t imagine what she might say next. What happened was our agency received the pictures but they were very concerned about a large bump on one of his arms and weren’t comfortable sending us the pictures until they received definitive word as to what the issue causing the bump was.

Her exact words were, “I would never send pictures like this to a family without first being able to explain what was in the pictures.”

I calmly told her that I understood and appreciated all of her efforts while my imagination began to race.

When I hung up I quickly dialed Sara to give her the news. What could this bump be? What did it look like to cause such concern? We instantly envisioned something huge. Something resembling a third arm. Something warranting it’s own name. Something hairy. Something scary. You name it, we envisioned it. So after a long weekend of waiting, our concerns were put to rest yesterday once the pictures arrived and the bump was revealed. It turns out it is a Mongolian Spot. What is a Mongolian Spot? Your guess is as good as mine, but I understand it’s nothing to be concerned about, so I didn’t even bother to Google it.

I have to send a big thank you out to our agency for doing such a bang up job getting our questions answered before we asked them. Undoubtedly, if we would have received the pictures before knowing about the spot, we would have asked what it was and if we should be concerned. They took care of that before we could ask. Good job CHSFS…and thank you so much for the great pictures of our very handsome little boy.

He’s a good looking little guy… Wouldn’t you agree?


  1. OMGoodness!!! Is that Camden? He couldn't be ANY CUTER! Happy birthday sweet baby, hope this is your last birthday without your forever family!

    It's funny, Julie and I were talking about mongolian spots this weekend, they're nothin'! ;o)

  2. Mongolian spots are usually blue or blue-grey spots on the skin. They are common in African and Asian children. They usually lighten as the child gets older. Zoe has some on her back. Since the look like bruises, we carry a doctor's note that explains what they are. Better safe than sorry!