Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A look back at our vacation...

We took off last Tuesday afternoon for a family vacation to Florida.  We decided to break the approximately 12 hour long drive into 2 legs on the way down and the way back.  Our good friends Kevin and Sandi graciously stayed up late for our arrival on Tuesday night, offering us a place to stay on the way down. 

We were up and at 'em early on Wednesday so that we could arrive at our destination (Seacrest Beach) at a reasonable hour.  Our plan worked as we rolled into our condo complex mid afternoon. 

We checked in and the festivities began...

First trip to the pool...Parker was nice enough to carry Addy's lifejacket.

First trip to the beach.

Lleyton getting in a brief workout with a Shakeweight before dinner.


Our models.

The little ones trying to strategize a way to get me to stop taking pictures of them (it didn't work).

This young man never turns down the chance to have his picture taken.

Striking a pose.

I can only imagine this being a very clear glimpse into the future.

I have a new favorite restaurant, Sharkys.  This is the playground for the kids while we waited for a table.

Best friends.  Sara actually overheard Lleyton asking Addy, "Sissy, are you my best friend ever?".

Pretty excited about the thought of eating chicken fingers and fries overlooking the beach.

Lleyton showing off his powers.

Future Spiderman.

Addy had a blast cheering on Parker as he attempted to surf.

What better way to finish up a great trip than by stopping at one of our favorite restuarants for lunch on the way home.  If you are passing through Louisville, it's worth your time to stop at Queen of Sheba and enjoy some delicious Ethiopian food.

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