Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

We loaded the kids into the car yesterday evening and headed over to Grammy and Pop's house for the annual 4th of July fireworks on the lake (the powers that be opted to have the fireworks on the 3rd, which I think was a very good decision). 

We decided to tiptoe our way into the world of personal fireworks by allowing the boys to play around with Sparklers for a bit.  To our delight, there were no instances of the boys sword fighting with the mini-pyrotechnics, hence our first experience was a success.

By the looks of these faces, the boys will be expecting Sparklers for years to come...

Before the main event started, the little men entertained Sara and I with an impromptu dance (turned belly dance) routine on the dock. 

Who knew that the boys dance-off could be topped?  Only by the spectacular firewords display that followed.  If the past is any indicator of the future, we expected to see quite a bit more of this out of Lleyton than we did...

But we ended up being very surprised and even more delighted that his sat on Pop's lap for the majority of the show and he loved every second of it.  Who wouldn't with fireworks like this...

And as the boys learned on Friday night at the parade we went to, it's never a bad time to thank the men and women that make the United States the great place that it is.

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