Sunday, July 24, 2011

Monster Jam 2011

Sara and I were joined by her dad and step mom this evening as we made our way to Paul Brown Stadium for Monster Jam.  We were quite skeptical of how the evening might go, as Lleyton has very sensitive ears that we feared wouldn't get along with the loud engines of the monster trucks. 

But to our surprise and delight, everyone did great and loved the action.  If you haven't been to an event like Monster Jam, I highly recommend it. 

These smiles are prime examples of the look that both boys had during most of the show...

When Parker wasn't smiling at the action on the dirt, he was devouring a bag full of peanuts.  Parker and peanuts are hard to separate.  You give the kid a bag and he acts like it is his last meal.  At one point I looked over at him only to see that he has somehow gotten peanuts in his ear. 

If you need us next year around this time, come on down to PBS during Monster Jam.  We will hopefully be introducing Camden to our new favorite event.

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