Thursday, July 14, 2011

Things we learned on vacation...

  • Lleyton has NO qualms or reservations about blatantly staring at cute teenage coeds. We are going to work with him on this, but watching him longingly gaze at one young lady in particular was possibly the funniest moment of the trip.

  • Parker could live on peanut butter and chicken fingers.

  • Minivans with DVD players and wireless headphones are God's gift to families on long drives.  27 hours in the car and not one unplanned bathroom stop thanks to the endless supply of DVDs we brought with us to entertain the boys, and distract them from having to stop every 30 minutes to go to the bathroom.         

  • I prefer a nice pool over a nice beach.

  • Sara yearns (understatement) to live close to a large body of water, preferably an ocean (I already knew this, but it became even more clear on this trip).

  • Addy bites hard, screams loud, and believes it’s her way or the highway (we already knew this as well...except the biting part, but it also became much more clear on this trip).  

  • Parker smiles every time cap comes off of the camera. 

  • Lleyton and Addy do not. 

  • There is NO easy way to get to the Rosemary Beach/Seacrest Beach/Alys Beach/Seaside area of Florida.  We sat in traffic for hours on the way home trying to find our way to an interstate...ANY interstate.

  • We love Nashville, TN (more specifically the Franklin/Brentwood area of Nashville)

  • Each kid loves having his/her own backpack full of fun things to occupy them in the car.  As you can tell, Addy was pretty pleased with her Dora bag.

  • My new favorite restaurant is Sharky's in Panama City Beach.  Cold beer, delicious fruity drinks for Sara, overlooking a beach that includes a playground for the kids to play on while mom and dad enjoy the aforementioned cold drinks.  What's not to love?

  • If you're in or around Montgomery, AL stop at Sweet P's, you won't regret it.  Their sign piqued our interest while making our way to Florida, so we decided to give it a try, and we were happy we did. 


  1. Ahhhhh, LOVE vacation! We are excited to visit Nashville next weekend! Will you guys be there?

  2. I live about 20 minutes from Franklin, I LOVE it. My dream is to move there. :) I'm with you on the pool!

    Very cute photos!

  3. This post gave me some much needed giggles today... Sounds like a memorable trip in many ways!

  4. We live in Franklin, TN, and we absolutely love it here. Great place to raise a family. Glad to hear you all enjoyed it too!

    Carey family