Sunday, July 17, 2011

Look who's 8!

Our big man turned 8 years old today, and he was pretty happy about it.

The birthday celebration was all weekend long thanks to yesterday's visit from Grandma Susie and Papa Don.  Included in the festivities was some backyard fun...

Although the water slide was certainly a hit, the highlight of the day was revealing Parker's very special birthday cake.  Upon seeing the cake for the first time, he said, "It looks like me!"

Mission accomplished.  Nice work Sara!

With today being his official birthday, we couldn't go without another cake, so Sara and Parker set out this afternoon to make some delicious cupcakes that we all could enjoy this evening when Grammy and Pop came over.  Mission accomplished again...the cupcakes were fantastic.

Hopefully next year this picture will be complete with Camden here celebrating his big brother's 9th birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday Parker looks like a great day!!! What an awesome momma you have to make that rocking cake & cupcakes. Hoping & praying that your baby brother will be home with you to celebrate #9 next year.

  2. Happy Birthday Parker! Super cool cake Sarah!

  3. Now that looks like a great birthday!!! Happy Birthday Parker!