Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sensory issues continue to plague our little man.

As 8 o'clock rolls around each night I usually find myself in front of the TV watching one of the shows that Sara and I enjoy or sitting on the edge of my seat rooting for the Reds to stretch their division lead.  Tonight is a bit different.  I am sitting in front of the TV while typing this, but I am having a tough time thinking of anything other than Lleyton.  I know that I haven't written about his sensory issues in quite some time, but that doesn't not mean that they have ceased to exist. 

Our little man's sensory issues persist and it's evenings like this one that leave me wondering what we can do to help him.  As we were walked to the park this evening, as usual, Lleyton was out in front of us gliding along the sidewalk on the back of his big wheel.  He doesn't ride a big wheel like you might imagine, he would rather turn it into some sort of scooter whereas he grabs onto the handle bars and stands on the back of it and pushes off with one of his feet in an effort to see how fast he can make it go.  With this style of riding comes many mini crashes.  Most of his accidents are harmless and he just jumps right back on and is on his way.  Well, one of those crashes this evening opened up a decent sized bloody wound on his elbow.  He didn't even feel it at first.  He made it all the way home without even acting like he noticed that his elbow was more than a little scratched up.

That concerns us.

What concerns us even more is that once he did realize it hurts he would not let us get anywhere near him to help comfort him.  He was crying, telling us how much it hurts, and we could tell the pain was taking a toll on him to the point where he the discomfort was scaring him, yet he was adamant about us not being near him. 

We know we need to continue seeking help with our little man's issues, as they are not going to go away themselves, but we are indecisive about what to do.  We have been through therapy with him and weren't very encouraged by what we saw.  That accompanied by the cost of each of the sessions caused us to discontinue our appointments with the therapist. 

I have to admit that I am afraid we are letting our little guy down.  We aren't doing enough right now to help him deal with his issues.  But we just aren't sure which direction to go.  I think at this point we have decided to contact the International Adoption Clinic at the Children's Hospital to set up an appointment with one of their experts who can hopefully lead us in the right direction. 

It just really hurts to see our little guy not feel pain one minute and then the next minute be writhing in pain and not willing to allow us to help him. 

More details to come...


  1. My youngest bio son has sensory issues that he still deals with at 6. It is so hard to know what to do at times, because it is so hard to figure out exactly what works. Good luck and please keep us posted.

  2. Have you read the Out-Of-Sync Child? That is where I'd start. Ava came with some severe sensory issues too. Does it seem to be more common in children from Eastern European orphanages, than in other parts? Bless his little heart. Praying you get help for him. Brushing therapy did wonders for Ava.